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Thought for the new year

Time is the coin of your life

For Valentine's Day

Kids Talk About Love
Somewhere Out There
How Do I Love Thee?

Winter pages

Winter in Wisconsin
Winter in Ohio

Spring WILL come again!

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Photos I have taken in Wisconsin and other parts of the midwest, and while visiting the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, Las Vegas, Hawaii, and places in the Caribbean.


"Special" illustrated pages

-- some with song lyrics; some just for fun; photos of the seasons; photos of old barns and old houses; pages that celebrate America; and one that counts down the days until Spring arrives!



Quotes about life; quotes to make you smile; inspirational quotes; quotes that provide food for thought.  They are all here because I like them!  :o)


Holiday Pages

Pick a holiday and click a link!  There are LOTS of Christmas pages - build a snowman, have a singalong, see the countdown to Christmas, and share a greeting with a friend.