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My Home Town - La Crosse, Wisconsin
La Crosse sculpture

Nestled between the Mississippi River and the bluffs of Wisconsin's "Coulee Region", La Crosse is the place that was my home from birth certificate through college diploma.   Now, after a few decades' interruption, it is my home again.

(Yes, you really CAN go home again!)

View of La Crosse from the top of Grandad Bluff

The photo above shows the south side of La Crosse, looking west toward the Minnesota bluffs, way over there on the other side of the Mississippi River.  That "bird's eye view" is from the lookout point at the top of...

Grandad Bluff

which rises about 600 feet above the city,
at the east end of Main Street.

I climbed up the front of that once to have breakfast at the park up on top.  It's hard now for me to believe I actually climbed up that rock face...or that I willingly got up early enough on a Saturday morning to do it!  :o)  I guess it's just something you have to do at least once, if you live in La Crosse.

I think there is another unwritten city law that says all children residing here must be photographed on this elaborately engraved cannon in Riverside Park.  Those family snapshots have been a tradition in La Crosse for generations.

kids in Riverside Park

The cannon was made (and engraved with the date) in 1787, and it has perched on that concrete base in the park since July 4, 1918.  The plaque, a memorial to the USS Maine, was made from the armor of that ship.

The 2000 census says 51,818 people call La Crosse home.

You won't see more statistics on the following pages.  What you will see are pictures.... places of historic beauty and (especially) places of natural beauty that are unique to this city, and pictures of some other things I've enjoyed here, since moving back to my home town.

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