Photos of some of my favorite places

In 1998 I went on my first cruise, and decided to tuck my rarely used camera into a carry-on bag.  The plan was to take pictures of my trip and put some on web pages when I got home, so my friends and family could see them.  I had no idea that cruise would mark the beginning of photography as a new hobby for me.  I would not have believed those pictures would be the first of many in a whole "Places" category that would eventually be part of "KayPoe's" Place and be seen by people all over the world, either!
(I really want to believe my photos have improved since 1998!)   :o)

Some of my favorite places are only a 10 or 15 minute drive from my house, so I am able to visit them often.  Some are much farther away, and were "once (or twice) in a lifetime" experiences for me.   I hope you'll enjoy visiting my favorite places here, and seeing them through my eyes.