The "special" pages

What's so special about them?  For the most part, nothing!  :o)

Maybe I should have called them "unique" pages, instead.  Had I not corraled them, they would have been floating around like a bunch of loose ends, so I created a "special" category for these pages that don't seem to have much in common with each other or with the pages that fit neatly into any of the other categories (see buttons above).  Most of these page titles are pretty self-explanatory, but a little additional explanation might be in order for a few of them....

Old wiggly pages - "Certificate to be a Kid" and "Slow Down" are holdovers from the previous millennium.  (Lots of animations that I'd grabbed off the web.  At the time, I thought they were pretty cool!)  Those pages are still here because every page that has ever been part of this site will always be here -- unless I change my mind about that sometime!   :o)

"Bygone?" - The nostalgic photos on that series of pages, from early 1998, represent my first real attempt at photography as an art form and as a means to tell a story.  The reason I did that is because I'd decided I really enjoyed making web pages, and I wanted to make more... but I needed something to put on them!  :o)  All of the "Bygone" photos were taken in Ohio, where I lived at the time; most of the old houses and barns are not far from Columbus.  Fifteen minutes after a friend saw those photos, before the pages were even linked on my web site, he sent me an email with the poem, which he had just felt inspired to write.  That first quick draft of the poem -- honest, genuine and unrefined -- provides what I think is a perfect introduction to that series of photos.

"All Things Bright and Beautiful" - That page IS very special to me.  I took the photo of the sunrise less than a minute before getting a phone call from the delivery room of a hospital more than a thousand miles away.  I heard a baby crying and then my son's voice saying, "Congratulations, Grandma!"  (Everybody say, "awwwwww!")   :o)


"Special" illustrated pages

-- some with song lyrics; some just for fun; photos of the seasons; photos of old barns and old houses; pages that celebrate America; and one that counts down the days until Spring arrives!