Ah!  What's this that comes 'round the bend,
  To view my sights and glory?
  Dear folks who'll soon become new friends
  With whom I'll share my story.


  Don't look away to hide a tear
  Or blink your eyes in sadness...

  Come look and feel -- yes do come near

  And share with me my gladness!

  A half a million sunsets gone
  And seasons of every hu
  Still every day I seek the dawn

  And bathe in each morning's dew.


Don't let my old grey clapboards fool

Nor my pump's rusty handles...

I've heard the songs come home from school
And sung by nighttime candles.


  Lovers have loved up in my lofts
  And calves born in my stables.
  Young boys practiced tying knots
  As girls were setting tables.

My dear new friends -- no droopy frowns!
Celebrate all that you see!
I consider all this my crown...
For this I was meant to be.

Enjoy what you see...I sure will,
For still it is what I do.
Seeing you share a poignant thrill
Begins a mem'ry in you!

This poem was written by a friend after having seen the pictures on this site. 
~ Thanks, Friend! ~

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