Many faces of
Virginia Beach
September, 2002

Part of my fascination with being where land and sea meet
lies in the fact that the scene is continually changing.
It has never before and will never again appear
just as it does at any given moment.

Sometimes it looks the way travel brochures
would like you to believe it always looks -- beautiful!
...but how boring that would be!  

A not-TOO-close (and not boring) encounter with a tropical storm


"There is, then, no water that is wholly of the Pacific, or wholly of the Atlantic, or of the Indian or the Antarctic.  The surf that we find exhilarating at Virginia Beach or at La Jolla today may have lapped at the base of Antarctic icebergs or sparkled in the Mediterranean sun, years ago, before it moved through dark and unseen waterways to the place we find it now.  It is by the deep, hidden currents that the oceans are made one.
                        (from The Sea Around Us  by Rachel Carson)

Each sunrise brings a new day, a new surf,
and another unique sight.




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