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"KayPoe" goes to sunCalifornia and...question

March, 1999


Hi!  I left Ohio again.
(It is still winter, after all--can you blame me?!)
The plane headed west, flew over "moonscapes",
and landed just before getting to the Pacific Ocean.


Surf's up!

Huntington Beach pier-1

Huntington Beach IS "Surf City, USA"

Although I'd like to claim that photo as my own, I can't... but you can congratulate me on finding a bargain.  I paid $1 to a vendor on the street for that great picture of some of my favorite things about this and previous trips to California:  the Pacific Ocean and the stuff to be found under Ruby's red roof at the end of the Huntington Beach pier -- fantastic 50's style burgers, shoestring fries and shakes!

I went to a really nice garden center to catch a sneak preview of Spring.  I'm almost sure it will get here (soon, I hope!) so my gardens in Ohio can look just like this.  (Don't I wish?!)

flowers at garden center

The ocean kept calling to me, and I'm not the only one....
I'll title this  "Little Fella and Great Big Ocean"

little boy; big ocean

A few hours in the car, driving away from the beach and through
the desert (which I didn't like very much), and I arrived in...

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