Cruise to Western Caribbean - 1998 (page 1 of 3)

that's me!


My first cruise. What fun!


Here are the pictures I've been anxious to share with you.  Laura and I left the Port of Houston for an awesome weeklong trip to the Western Caribbean. The weather in Houston that day was horrible... bad enough that lots of the passengers weren't able to get to the pier because of flooded underpasses that the airport buses couldn't get through.  Some of those folks met up with us when we docked in Cozumel Tuesday night.  We had to skip a stop in Calica, Mexico, on Tuesday because of high winds.

Tuesday night was the first formal night on the ship.  Here we are with the people we were seated with for most dinners... Brenda and George, from Oklahoma.   We had a lot of fun, and no food went to waste.  George made sure of that!

formal night

One of the midnight buffets was a Chocoholic Buffet.

Chocoholic Buffet

The people working on the ship came from 43 different countries.
These crew members were some of our favorites:

favorite crew

      Bernie, our cabin steward
      Leslie, the coolest pool waiter



      Derrick, who performed in
      Top of the Star Lounge
      Juan, who twirled his tray
      while Derrick sang


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